Your dashboard is full of lights you may not even know about because they only actually illuminate when they require your attention. Some of these lights let you know that a specific system is engaged while others let you know of an issue with the car. When the latter happens, it is important that you bring your vehicle in for service at Mountain Chevrolet immediately.
Here are some of the most common dashboard lights and what they mean:
Many newer cars, trucks, and SUVs have oil change reminders, letting you know it's time to schedule an oil change at Mountain Chevrolet.
If your battery's voltage level drops below the normal level, this light will glow. It typically indicates an issue with your battery or the charging system. A technician will check out the battery, terminals, alternator belt, and more to determine the issue.
This indicates a potential issue with your engine. Because a number of issues could cause this, from something as simple as a loose gas cap to major engine malfunction, you will need to have a technician run a diagnostic check with a scan tool at Mountain Chevy. Your vehicle should be safe to drive to the dealership when the light illuminates, but if the light begins to flash, turn off the vehicle and get out, then call for assistance.
Most newer vehicles also have this system, which will illuminate a dashboard light if any one of the four tires suddenly drops in pressure, indicating a leak or a flat.